Nicolas Baumard

I am Research Director at the CNRS and Professor at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris.

I am part of the Evolution and Social Cognition team, at the Institut Jean-Nicod, in the Department of Cognitive Sciences.

I also supervise the ‘Social Sciences’ track in the Master of Cognitive Sciences and in the PhD Program of Cognitive Sciences where I teach ‘Introduction to Evolutionary Anthropology‘ and ‘Cultural Evolution‘.

I am an evolutionary social scientist: I use the concepts and theories of evolutionary biology to study human phenomena such as social norms, religious beliefs, historical changes and art works. My main research interests are:

I also collaborate on some related projects:

My publications are indexed on Google Scholar. I used to blog at the International of Cognition and Culture Institute and to write a monthly column on psychology and public policies in Cerveau&Psycho (in French).

Institut Jean-Nicod
Département d’Études Cognitives
75005 Paris (France)